This is the first part of the journalistic research of Thanos Dimadis for ALPHA on the occasion of the completion of three years, from “when our country entered the constellation of Memoranda. Through a journey in Washington, Boston, Brussels, Berlin Thanos Demadis attempts for the first time in our country to shed light on unseen parameters of the Greek crisis highlighting scenes, interpreting facts and explaining the correlations in external decision-making centers which set the fate of our country.



3 Χρόνια - 3 Μνημόνια, πίσω απ’ όσα ζήσαμε - Β’ Μέρος

In the second part of the show, Thanos Dimadis focuses his research on the political impact of the crisis in Greece, attempting to investigate if it was indeed a very concerted effort from decision making centers abroad in order to blackmail the political consensus in our country. Key persons and known analysts attempt to give answers to important questions such as: What was the ultimate goal of Papandreou’s initiative for a referendum? How do they see Antonis Samaras abroad from his position of leader of the opposition? What does Richard Parker say, a personal adviser to George Papandreou and professor at Harvard University today, for those crucial moments? Who and why did they create the climate for a potential GrExit? What is Brussels answer to that and what is the response of Maria Damanaki to her relevant statement at the time? An important part of the show is also the exclusive interview of the great thinker, Noam Chomsky, which inter alia refers to concepts such as Democracy and the pivotal role of the new generation. Meanwhile, Thanos Dimadis makes a connection of past and present, through the special story of “Jasmine” from the IMF, the homeless who has been living in recent years in the park opposite the building of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund in the heart of Washington.