The Trump Victory And The New Media And Polls Debacle

The election of Donald Trump:

1. MARKS a new second consecutive mess of the mass media, polls and various economic and political opinion leaders, who, as in Brexit, dashed and failed to reflect, detect, predict and convey the hidden processes actually taking place within the body, such as the UK / Europe, and so the US society. The victory marks the traditional media’s constantly-growing limited influence as opinion makers. Do not forget that historically journalistic bands like the NYT and the Washington Post were sworn opponents of Trump. It turns out that the hostile attitude of these and other Media towards him caused minimum harm to his candidacy. Perhaps even more good; they made it easier to serve the message of his candidacy against the corrupt experiences of the media and political elites. His campaign message was clear and compact, and it gave him victory, in contrast with the ambiguity of the message that gripped Hillary’s campaign.

2. HIGHLIGHTS the deep divisions between the two communities, not just that one cannot coexist with each other, but until recently did not even perceive the existence of the other or did not see it. As in the case of Brexit and tonight’s American election, the dominant reason that the media and the polls failed to predict what is coming is because the criterion by which they analyzed the situation and exported conclusions was based solely on their own experiences, their own experiences of media and politics, and the protected microcosm of their own selfish desires and hopes. But like Brexit whose prosperous minority in London City was not able to prevent it, so the rise of Trump was not able to be prevented by the distinct caste of those who live, vote and make a career in Manhattan, Washington or Los Angeles. It is characteristic that just one day ago, a leading American pollster and professor in a management position in a leading American University Foundation (both based in Washington) was expressing to me in an unequivocal manner their assurances that Hillary would win comfortably against Trump.

More proof of how far is the distance between such opinion makers/policy analysts and society that extends beyond the horizon of their influence and which seeks equal opportunities for economic advancement and career, which it, however, does not have. Therefore it votes regarding revenge and anger against a system that it believes does not serve them. Is then Trump the one that will subvert the system? Obviously not, but for now it is irrelevant to the people who voted him.

3. even further DISSIPATES the ideological existence of Europe in a world that rotates in a totally different way than it was dominating in previous decades, at the time of its creation and enactment. Trump now introduces to international and European politics a new trend, that of questioning the same structures of the Democracy, the political system and the existence of the reasons for having a Europe. It is a political carcinoma, the transmission, and metastasis which for those of us who belong to the school of cynical realism must be considered as certain, bringing with it explosive political extremism in European countries, and eventually leading to the collapse of the European project, as we know it today.

4. MAKES the case of our country even further tragicomic and fatal in a changing world, but Greece is unable to see this. The election of Trump, along with the sweeping changes that will blow through Europe, accelerate the development of a deterministic Grexit that the single-mindedness of the domestic journalistic and political establishment do not see.

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